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Unlock your power from within

KNP Performance | Mental performance training for athletes and coaches

KNP Performance

KNP Performance is mental performance training; a holistic approach to optimal sport performance based on research and results.


Combining expertise in sport psychology and experience as an elite athlete, KNP Performance offers professional guidance for athletes, teams and coaches to master their competitive edge and winning mentality.

Champions and legends are built during the highs and lows and everything in between.  Learn how to optimize your performance.  Learn how to master your competitive edge and winning mentality.  Learn how to become unstoppable.

meet Dr. Kasey N Philyaw

The Doctor behind KNP Performance.

Dr. Kasey Philyaw has her PhD in Sport & Exercise Psychology, is a Professor of Psychology, a retired athlete with overseas experience, a researcher, consultant and your personal mental performance coach.

I have a passion for everything sport and psychology.  Two passions and professions I could never choose between, so I did both.  I've competed and trained at the highest levels on the court and in the classroom and lab.  My passion for the game and for studying psychology have coalesced in the work I do now... in bringing a listening and understanding ear to athletes, helping athletes out of slumps and navigate mental barriers, and most importantly guiding athletes towards learning and consistently maintaining their most confident and optimal selves.

Helping you unlock your power from within is my passion now.


Photograph by @wydjody

Take your game to the next level with KNP Performance.